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      1. Specializing in Optical Comparators for over 30 years.

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        Piedmont Machinery of Charlotte, Inc.
        2218 N. Brevard Street
        P.O. Box 5264
        Charlotte, NC 28299




        Specializing in Optical Comparators

        Piedmont Machinery of Charlotte Inc. has been in the business of buying and selling late model metal working machine tools and fabricating equipment for over 30 years.

        We specialize in Optical Comparators with a usual inventory of over 60 of these machines in stock - available for inspection at our warehouse at any time. Our machines are completely reconditioned prior to shipment.

        We have been a member of the Machine Dealers National Association for over 35 years.

        Please check our inventory and either call, fax, or e-mail us with your requirements.


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        Supporting the Purple Promise Foundation

        Join us in fighting the battle against melanoma by increasing awareness and funding important research for a cure!!!

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